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The Award

The National Courage Canada Scholarship is currently awarded annually to one secondary school graduating blind student in Canada looking to further their education. The award is valued at $1,000 and is non-renewable.

The following are a set of rules and regulations pertaining to the criteria of the award:

  1. The student must be blind/visually-impaired.
  2. The student must have demonstrated excellence in all aspects of his or her secondary school experience from academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities and community volunteering while showing courage and leadership.
  3. The student is chosen by his or her school’s administration.
  4. The student must be continuing their education to the College, University or Apprenticeship Level.
  5. The student must put the financial bursary towards his or her post-secondary education tuition.

National Courage Canada Scholarship Recipients

  • 2010 – Brandon King (W. Ross MacDonald School. Brantford, Ontario)
  • 2011 - Jillian MacSween (W. Ross MacDonald School. Brantford, Ontario)
  • 2012 - Sarah Patel (W. Ross MacDonald School. Brantford, Ontario)
  • 2013 - Katja Newman (Halton Region Youth Learn to Skate program)