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The adapted puck used in Blind Ice Hockey makes noise and is both bigger and slower than a traditional puck. The large size and slower speed helps visually impaired players see the puck, while the noise allows low vision or no vision players to track it.

Blind Hockey Pucks are made of hollow steel and contain 8 ball-bearings.  They are made by hand by welding together a steel band around 2 circular discs, filled with ball bearings, then painted black.  A Blind Ice Hockey puck generally lasts for only one game as it becomes dented when hitting the posts, skates, sticks and the boards, so be sure to build or order multiple Blind Ice Hockey pucks at a time.

Material: 22 guauge steel

Diameter: 5 ½  inches / 14 centimeters

Height: 1 7/8 inches / 4.8 cm

Weight: 220g

Colour: Black

Contents: 8 ball bearings